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Advanced silicone sealants, silicone greases, and two-part epoxy adhesives are available from Guy Chemical. We develop and formulate the finest compounds used in the automotive, industrial, construction, and home consumer markets worldwide.

Founded in 1995, Guy Chemical specializes in developing and formulating high-quality silicone sealants and greases, as well as two-part epoxy adhesives. Guy Chemical is also a dedicated contract packager, offering filling, blister packing, and other types of secondary packaging for the consumer and industrial markets. Our staff has more than two decades of experience in formulating, compounding, raw material procuring, package and art designing, filling, and secondary packaging, and works constantly to ensure the highest levels of quality for our many satisfied customers.

We invite you to make Guy Chemical your low-cost source for high-quality silicone and epoxy adhesives and greases. Contact us today to find out more about our product line and how we can help you.

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Ultramotive Corporation


Our affiliated company, Ultramotive, is a leader in bringing new barrier packaging technologies to the marketplace. This helps companies and consumers comply with ever-evolving industry regulations while achieving higher levels of sustainability and improved product experiences. Their EarthSafe™ line is ideally suited for use with viscous products like shave gels, creams, and food products.



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