Ground Breaking @ Guy Chemical

About Guy Chemical

Guy Berkebile, Founder of Guy Chemical

While traveling internationally during the early '90s, Guy Berkebile received numerous customer requests to supply red and blue silicone gasket makers used in automotive applications. After studying squeeze tube production methods, Guy Chemical was founded in the Somerset County's P.R.I.D.E. Manufacturer's Incubator in October 1995. After just two years, Guy Chemical outgrew its 3,000 square foot space in the facility. The company moved to Berlin, PA, where it leased space for seven years. Guy Chemical then returned to its original location by purchasing the manufacturer's incubator property in October 2004.

Industrial Robotic Arm Epoxy Bottle Line

Chris Scheindel, Founder of Ultramotive

A pioneer in the field of pressurized aerosol and barrier packaging technology with over 40 patents to his name, Chris founded Ultramotive in 1969 to manufacture and market a line of automotive products. For more than four decades, he put the company at the forefront of the pressurized packaging industry, designing and developing a wide range of packaging components and processes as well as building specialized packaging and filling machinery for major multinational corporations. A highly sought-after consultant, Chris was the consummate troubleshooter, using his lifelong experience to create ground-breaking solutions to the most challenging problems for Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups.