Blister Packing Line

Products & Services 

Our products and services are many and varied. They include:

Custom Chemical Formulating

Guy Chemical conducts research and development to create custom chemical formulations, compounds, and mixtures with unique cure times, adhesion, and modulus specifications.

Compounding and Tolling

Guy Chemical has the capacity to mix our own formulations or to toll proprietary compounds for our customers under non-disclosure agreements. Our variety of compounding equipment can handle everything from free-flowing formulations to compounds greater than 1,000,000 cps.

Tube Filling

Guy Chemical can fill metal and plastic squeeze tubes in sizes ranging from .2 oz to 15 oz. Our computerized tube-filling machines fill up to 70 containers per minute. Inert gas purging is available on all squeeze tube filling machines.

Cartridge Filling

Our cartridge fillers can handle both fixed and screw-on tip cartridges as well as blind-end grease cartridges. Cartridge sizes range from 5-32 oz. Quick change-overs allows for competitive pricing on small runs and runs that involve multiple colors of the same product.

Blister Packaging

From semi-automatic to full automation, our blister machines can handle a short run, where tooling costs are minimal, to long runs, where speed and consistency are most important. Our blister sealing equipment ranges from a small, six-station rotary machine to a fully automated robotic packaging line.

Shipping Services

Guy Chemical logistical services include warehousing, order consolidation, truckload, and less-than-truckload domestic shipments, and pallet or hand-loading of containerized shipments bound for international destinations. Ports located in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, are all within a reasonable transport distance from Somerset, PA. Also, rail movement of containers to west coast ports can easily be handled through rail yards in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Artwork & Package Development

From concept to finished product, Guy Chemical has the expertise to work with its clients on all levels of package development. Original label art, point-of-purchase display, and protective outer package design can all be handled by our staff or in cooperation with your creative art personnel.

Laminate Tubes Aluminum TubesDyesAnaerobic Testing


We have formulated several grades of anaerobic thread lockers.