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Meet Ultramotive, our affiliate. Ultramotive is a research-driven company engaged in the custom, private label, and in-house barrier packaging business. We are internationally known for our innovative solutions to packaging challenges for liquid and viscous materials for household, automotive, and hardware products.

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The Ultramotive breadth of experience in the pressurized packaging of household, automotive, and hardware products is unmatched in the industry. We have developed reliable, cost-effective solutions for some of the toughest pressurized packaging problems faced by the biggest brand names in the world, as well as kitchen-table start-ups. Whether your needs are as simple as filling liquids into bottles or as complex as reformulating a product and developing a more reliable dispensing system, we can do it for you.

Formed in 1969, and purchased by Guy Chemical in 2018, Ultramotive is a company with a demonstrated record of success in developing and perfecting piston barrier dispensing solutions for a range of industrial business segments. From product development through manufacturing, our materials and processes are designed to meet your performance requirements on time and within budget, providing unmatched value.


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Ultramotive is the home of the EarthSafe™ Air Power System and Ultra Green Barrier Systems. As a pioneer in the barrier packaging industry, Ultramotive consistently breaks new ground in developing, perfecting, and refining superior delivery systems for a full range of barrier packaging product categories. We're proud to introduce the world's greenest, environmentally-friendly packaging option, the EarthSafe™ Air Power System. It uses clean, eco-safe nitrogen as a propellant instead of hydrocarbons, eliminating a source of greenhouse gases.

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You'll find the EarthSafe™ system used in many of our Ultra Green Barrier Systems products, as well as those from nationally recognized brands. EarthSafe™ is just one more example of how we put customers first through sustainable innovation.

Leading the industry of pressurized and barrier packaging is no easy task. Our innovation-driven philosophy and hands-on approach achieve Ultramotive's commitment to quality. No two clients, projects, or ideas are the same, which is why we tailor our services to meet your needs best.

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