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Pressurized Packaging

At Ultramotive, we are here for you—whether it's finding a filling and packaging solution for a hard-to-dispense product, identifying a more environmentally-friendly propellant or designing and producing components that maximize product shelf life and reliability. We can assist global marketers and distributors interested in standard or custom dispensing systems for new or existing products. We can also provide expertise in improving current packaging. Our experience enables us to help with everything, from product formulation to propellant selection and product testing.

As pioneers in the use of compressed air as a propellant, our cans are non-flammable and insensitive to temperature extremes. From RTV silicone, urethane, caulking compound, personal care creams, lubricants, greases, and even rodent bait, we've done it all for some of the biggest brands in the world. You may not find our name, but you will find our products in households and businesses everywhere.


Our barrier packaging capabilities include piston, pouch, and bag methods. We pack viscous materials, including silicones and greases, so they dispense efficiently, reliably, and in an environmentally responsible manner. Experience and proprietary technologies have enabled us to succeed where others have failed.

Ultramotive Products & Services Include:

  • Environmentally-Friendly Barrier Packaging
  • Custom Pressurized Packaging
  • Molded Component Design & Production
  • Filling of Miniature & Non-Pressurized Cans/Bottles
  • Refine Formulation for Packaging
  • Blister Packaging

Materials Handled:

  • Silicones
  • Glues
  • Gases
  • Lubricants
  • Biodegradable De-greasers
  • Sealants
  • Caulks
  • Anti-Seize Compounds
  • Personal Care Products

EarthSafe™ Products

The EarthSafe™ Air Power System eliminates the need for hydrocarbons as a propellant source, replacing it with compressed air and reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This game-changing advance rewrites the rule book on how to develop ozone friendly and environmentally responsible packaging to minimize ecological impact.

Hotdog Chocolate Sauce Peanut Butter and Jelly
Peanut Butter Peanut Butter and Crackers Prototype Products


At Ultramotive, our valve production utilizes only the highest quality materials and precision molds to ensure proper product function and long service life. All of our valves are made using materials that provide maximum resistance to breakdown due to chemicals and other corrosive products.

  • Hug Valve SAV76 - for Heavy Viscous Products
  • Hug II SAV106 - for Heavy Viscous Products
  • EarthSafe Ultimate SAV118 - for Light/Medium Viscous Products
  • Shock n Awe SAV119 - for Light/Medium Viscous Products

Shock n Awe SAV119, for Light/Medium Viscous Products


Packaging: Actuators
Ultramotive can utilize a wide selection of actuator types or design and produce a custom version. We have designed and patented many of the actuators in use today and continue to develop new ideas and improve old ones. Ultramotive patented actuators are manufactured using superior-quality materials and processes.

  • SAP105 Ultra Trigger Nozzle &  Long Valve Cup Hanger
  • SAP128 Ultra Trigger Nozzle & Short Can Rim Hanger

These nozzles prevent overstressing of the valve stem and allow easy cleaning and simple screw-on/screw-off assembly and disassembly.

  • T68 Ultra Nozzle with Valve Cup Hanger
  • T70 Ultra Nozzle with Can Rim Hanger

These tapered nozzles can be attached to a can for a professional look at no additional cost.

Designed for light to medium viscous products:

  • T96 EarthSafe "Ultimate" Actuator
  • T92 Brush Applicator
SAP105 Ultra Trigger Nozzle with Long Valve Cup Hanger SAP128 Ultra Trigger Nozzle with Short Can Rim Hanger T68 Ultra Nozzle with Valve Cup Hanger
T70 Ultra Nozzle with Can Rim Hanger T96 EarthSafe “Ultimate” Actuator T92 Brush Applicator

Piston Barriers

Our patented high-barrier Delbar(r) piston eliminates permeation through the piston and bypass of propellant around the piston sidewall, ensuring separation of the product from the fuel. This maintains the purity and integrity of your product throughout its shelf life and eliminates propellant loss. Ultramotive's piston barrier system also provides a controlled and uniform product discharge rate and assures complete elimination of the product. We can pack viscous materials, including silicones, greases, personal care creams, and food products, so they dispense efficiently, reliably, and in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • SC42 Delbar® — Food Grade
  • SC43 Delbar® — Food Grade
  • SC50 Delbar® — Food Grade
SC42 Delbar, Food Grade SC43 Delbar, Food Grade SC50 Delbar, Food Grade